Having a lasting memory for your event is worthy investment. Our event photography packages offer a great opportunity to capture those special moments, which can then be used to in a variety of ways to showcase your event. It’s said that a picture says a 1000 words and professionally finished photos offer the opportunity to:

  • Maximise post event promotion and use in future campaigns
  • Bring your website to life with your own personalized images
  • Use in social media sharing and campaigning
  • Create albums for the home or staff room
  • Add images to your portfolio
  • Have lasting memories of a special occasion

We have a variety of photographers working exclusively with LESW that have there own style and price to suit any event, from corporate events to weddings to night clubs and festivals. LESW will be delighted to select the best event photographer to fit your brief and budget, then prepare and coordinate them to ensure you get results that you are more than happy to showcase.


Contact us now to discuss your event 01872 888733 or hello@lesw.co.uk